Save Even More on Web Hosting With a 2014 BlueHost Coupon Code January 17, 2014 | 07:35 pm

The all inclusive web hosting services provided by BlueHost are already very affordable but by taking advantage of one of the BlueHost coupon code offers that are available through many of their online affiliates it is possible to reduce the cost even further. The standard shared hosting package from BlueHost starts at only $6.95 per month and include a host of features to make setting up and maintaining your website simple. There are no hidden costs involved and you can begin using your new web hosting account straight away. There are charges for some of the commercial add ons like SSL certificates but the cost of these can be largely offset by the discount on your first year of hosting from the company.

BlueHost offer all new customers a cut rate on establishing a new website with them right from the front page on their website. The usual price is regularly offered at a discount rate that is a couple of dollars cheaper than their standard rate for the first year. There is also an official BlueHost coupon code website where even greater savings can be found with reductions in the standard price taking the cost down to a very low $3.95 per month. This cost of just under $48 for the first year of your web hosting account with BlueHost is more than covered by the $100 in Google AdWords advertising credits that come as a regular part of every new account.

While there are no discount codes available for VPS, dedicated server or reseller packages the already competitive prices are slashed even further for the first month on new accounts. There is also always a range of discounts and special offers on the add-ons and extra features that you can use to reduce your initial set up costs. This will allow you to keep your costs down while you establish your website or get your online business up and running. In order to claim the discount from your coupon it is usually only necessary to click through from the website where you found the offer and the reduced rate should be automatically applied to your new account. Established accounts generally can’t claim any discounts on their ongoing services which makes taking advantage of them initially even more important.bluehost-coupon-code

While there are many web host providers that offer very low cost services, these are generally restricted to single domain and adding more will incur the cost of another shared hosting account. These cheap offers almost always restrict the bandwidth and provide only a limited amount of storage space. The unlimited shared hosting from BlueHost already provides much greater value for money than their competitors for this reason and with the reduced rate that it is possible to get on your first year by using one of BlueHost’s coupons the cost of using their unlimited service is even cheaper than many of the limited services that are available from their competitors. Just click on either of the links to claim the discount and get your BlueHost shared hosting account for only $3.95 per month for the first year.

Examine the Feature Packed Web Hosting in this BlueHost Review May 29, 2013 | 10:44 pm

bluehost-reviewBlueHost are one of the oldest established web host providers on the web and they provide a simple, inclusive package that provides all of the usability that you need to set up any sort of website that you could want to use. There is a full range of service levels provided and this BlueHost review from should help you to decide if they are the right web host for your website and which of their packages is best suited to your individual needs.

The standard shared hosting package from BlueHost provides unlimited domain hosting, storage space and bandwidth to ensure that you get the maximum flexibility and guaranteed performance for your website. It also includes a free domain registration for the first year and comes with the full range of features like unlimited e-mail addresses, MySQL databases as well as allowing all of the parked and sub-domains that you want to use. There is full File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access and secure pages included as a part of their standard deal.

The webhost management is handled through cPanel, one of the most popular hosting control panels at the moment, and it is easy and intuitive to use to manage your websites. It comes complete with a template based website builder as well as over 50 one click, instant install scripts that make it easy to create every sort of website possible. All of these administrative features are accessible through a user friendly dashboard with tabbed pages to make the things that you are looking for easy to find. With all of the functionality in this easy to use, intuitive form almost anyone with some basic computer skills can design and publish their own website with a minimum of fuss.

The focus at BlueHost is on customer service and they pride themselves on their superb record of customer support including an incredible maximum call waiting time of 30 seconds. Their service is 100% in house which leads to quicker and more informed problem resolution than you can hope to get through a smaller reseller or a less well established web host. Unlike many of their competitors, BlueHost has one flat rate package that is all inclusive, although some of the features like billing functionality and SSL certificate administration can incur an extra charge. The standard package starts at $6.95 per month but this is always discounted and can be as low as $2.95 a month for the first year if you use one of the many BlueHost coupons that are available on the web.

BlueHost provides an easy to use, cost effective web hosting service that provides a practical solution for small to midsized businesses, not for profit organizations and individuals that want to establish an online presence through a website. They provide a reliable service and enough security and to suit most users. Even so, they don’t guarantee their uptime. They do claim to monitor their servers 24/7 to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. If you are looking for a simple to use, reliable web hosting service then BlueHost is an excellent choice.

What Is Included in the BlueHost Starter Plan? November 19, 2014 | 02:58 am

Do you need to start a website? Perhaps you have a modest web presence at the moment, but you feel you’re overpaying for services you never use. Whatever the case, BlueHost has the right plan for just about anyone out there. Whether you just want to run your blog from a unique domain or your business understands they need to expand their digital reach, BlueHost is here to accommodate you. One popular option they offer is the Starter Plan. Right now they’re even offering it at an extremely affordable price of just $3.49, which is almost 60% off. Keep reading to see what this bargain will give you.

Benefits of a Starter Plan

Before we get into all the advantages that come with a BlueHost Starter Plan, it’s worth point out why you should take the plunge in the first place. Obviously, if you’re running a company, you absolutely must have a website. There’s no longer any argument over whether or not you need one or not. Companies without websites simply won’t last long.

That being said, you need to take this seriously. Your website can’t just be a place marker online. So if you do go through with a website, going with a company like BlueHost makes a lot of sense.

Now, let’s take a look at what you can get for just $3.49 a month. The offering is fairly straightforward but will benefit from some explanation.


Let’s start with the obvious. When you sign up for hosting with BlueHost, you get the options you need to have your own website. This means getting the website itself—this plan is only good for the one, but we’ll expand on that in a moment.

For this single website, BlueHost will give you 100 GB worth of space. This is more than enough no matter what kind of business you plan on running. Unless your company is going to be streaming a large amount of media or you have a massive database that needs hosting, 100 GB will definitely be sufficient for most business applications. If you do find that 100 GB won’t be enough (and almost definitely will be), BlueHost has two other plans that are worth thinking about where you’re given an unlimited amount of space.

All of BlueHost’s plans come with unlimited bandwidth though. So no matter what you decide to do with your website, you can rest assured it won’t suffer from slow speeds. Studies have shown that visitors will simply leave your website—no matter what brings them there—if they think they’re waiting too long for it to load. For just $3.49 a month, you can virtually guarantee this won’t happen.

Included Domains

Like we mentioned, you only get one website with the Starter Plan, meaning you only get the one domain. However, one domain per plan is the standard in the industry, so you’re still getting plenty for your money.

On top of that, BlueHost will give you five different parked domains. This means that you get five extra domains to essentially run your website off of. You’ll get to run the same analytics across them, too, which makes them great for serving alternative business purposes or doing split testing. Nonetheless, you can have different email addresses for all of them for organizational purposes.

Finally, you’ll also get 25 different sub domains with this plan. With these sub domains, you should have plenty of options for building your website out and expanding it into the web presence your company really needs.

Email Accounts

Obviously, your online presence won’t be worth much without email addresses to go along with them. With the Starter Plan by BlueHost, you’ll have 100 different accounts to use and 500 MB per account for your needs. Like with the other options listed above, this should easily be more than enough, even if you handle countless emails every day. In fact, for many businesses, you’ll have emails leftover you can use to assign to different departments, etc.

Despite the low cost, BlueHost really piles on the benefits with their Starter Plan. Plus, you get $50 included in marketing offers too, which means you’ll have plenty of help getting recognized in the early days.

Comparing the Shared Web Hosting from Bluehost vs. HostGator July 18, 2013 | 10:48 pm

Bluehost vs HostgatorWhen it comes to deciding on which web hosting company to use it is important to understand that there is usually more difference between their services than just the prices that they are charging. While some deals might look cheap, when you look more closely they are often offering a very restricted service with limited bandwidth for only a dollar or two less per month than other companies will charge to provide unlimited services. While obvious differences like this may make it easy to eliminate the less attractive deals, it is when the services are very similar that making a choice can be more difficult.

Two services that are offering almost the same levels of service across their product range are BlueHost and HostGator. Both are well established web host providers with a long history of reliable customer service and a high standard of technical reliability. In a BlueHost vs. HostGator match up they both offer services and pricing structures that are very similar with prices starting at $3.95 to $6.95 per month, which is very much at the lower end of the web hosting market. It is when you look at what you get for your $4 per month that the differences become apparent.

At BlueHost there is only a single standard rate for their unlimited shared hosting accounts. The usual cost of $6.95 per month is all inclusive and, by using one of the readily available discount coupon codes you can reduce your costs for the first year to $3.95 per month. While that discounted rate from BlueHost is the standard price for the cheapest package from HostGator, their level of service for that price is limited to one domain. It also only includes shared online security features like SSL and IP address that you need for a high traffic commercial site and when these are added on the cost rises to over $10 per month.

The management and administrative features provided by both of these web hosts is almost identical with both supplying cPanel and a template based website builder. They both provide the same ready to install list of scripts, e-mail autoresponders and anti-spam features. There are unlimited sub domains, MySQL databases and FTP accounts from both providers and they offer an equivalent level of bandwidth and transfer speeds.

In the end the only thing that really divides these services is the level of service that you get for the cost of the account. Even if you use a coupon code to cut your set up costs for a year on BlueHost, after that honeymoon period your web hosting will return to their standard $6.95 per month. At HostGator, their $3.95 Hatchling plan will still cost less than $50 per year, and is even less for the first sign-up period with a Hostgator coupon code. If you want to use the internet for business then the basic BlueHost deal offers you the flexibility to expand and add domains that HostGator doesn’t. If you just want to have a hobby blog then the low monthly price of the package from HostGator, even with its limitations, will probably provide the level of service that you are looking for.

Create Your Own Online Management Service with BlueHost Reseller Hosting July 2, 2013 | 10:48 pm

bluehost-reseller-hostingWebsite design is a booming business in cyberspace and providing clients with online presence management services has become a specialized niche in the IT industry. Most business people don’t have the skills or the time to develop and maintain their own corporate website and so there is a solid demand for outsourcing. This demand has resulted in a plethora of webhosting reseller packages being offered that allow web designers and internet marketing consultants to have complete control over their clients’ websites. If you are considering going into this lucrative IT niche you will want to find the best service possible. The BlueHost reseller hosting packages provide all of the flexibility and functionality that you need at a price that you can afford.

BlueHost provides three levels of service for their reseller hosting customers. They are priced according to the amount of data storage and transfer speed you will want to use. Obviously the more websites that you are managing the greater the bandwidth you will need to support their traffic and BlueHost can supply speeds of up to 35 Mbps with their premium package. This means that your clients’ websites will have the performance and reliability that they will expect and that you will be able to be confident that you can provide a high level of service. Their basic reseller package starts at 100 GB of storage space at 15 Mbps which is more than enough space to kick off a new web design company.

All BlueHost reseller accounts allow you to use unlimited domains and come with as many instances of cPanel as you want to use, allowing you to simply pass on your server space to other users to design and maintain their own websites via your hosting account. All of the other features like FTP accounts, MySQL databases and e-mail addresses are also unlimited so that you can provide a comprehensive web hosting service to your own clients. At the same time BlueHost provides a free billing system, private name servers and free spam protection to give you the ability to manage all of your client’s accounts effectively through the reseller control panel. There are more than 50 scripts included for every account as well as a template based website builder that you can supply with every resold account. Setting up new accounts for your clients is simple to do right through the administration control panel which also allows you to set any account limitations or include any extra features that you want to with only a few clicks.

There are three reseller plans; Sky Blue, Electric Blue and True Blue and standard prices begin at $19.95 per month and go up to $99.95 per month for their premium service. All new Bluehost accounts come with one year’s free registration for one domain as well as a generous $100 in AdWords credit to get you started on the marketing of your new online business. All of this value is backed up by BlueHost’s excellent in house tech service and support and comes with an anytime money back guarantee on the basic costs.

BlueHost Pricing Makes Web Hosting Cost Effective June 5, 2013 | 10:45 pm

Many web hosts have complicated price structuring that limit their cheapest packages in various ways. The standard service from BlueHost is totally unlimited and comes as a single monthly flat rate. There are also a range of Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages that provide different levels of storage and speed and include the full range of functionality that you need to manage multiple websites or databases. There is also a choice of three dedicated server options that come with the complete range of BlueHost’s services and features.bluehost-pricing

The standard shared hosting package comes complete with unlimited bandwidth and storage space and includes all of the features that you need to get your website online quickly with only a minimum amount of computer skills. Every account comes with a range of one click script installations, a free website builder and all of the functionality that is required to manage as many websites as you want to set up. Every account comes with one year’s free domain registration for one URL as well as a marketing package that includes $100 of AdWords credits and free directory listings on sites like There are a few added extras like SSL certificates that cost extra, but almost all of the features are included in the monthly fee of $6.95 and this is usually discounted for new customers to give them a honeymoon period in which to get their websites established.

There are four levels of VPS service available beginning at $29.99 per month but, once again this is heavily discounted for new customers. The four levels of service correspond to the amount of storage space available and start at the single core, 2GB RAM, 30 GB storage with 1 TB per month of data transfer. These increase incrementally according to the speed and storage available with the dual core, 4 GB RAM, 60 GB storage package at $59.99 per month, the triple core package at $89.99 per month and the top priced quad core deal costing $119.99 per month. The VPS packages come with all of the features provided by the shared hosting deal as well as enhanced cPanel, integrated cloud services, root access and guaranteed server resources. The instant provisioning and super high speed servers ensure that you will be up and using your VPS services immediately.

The dedicated servers provide even greater levels of connectivity and reliability. These are offered in three levels that are determined by the storage space, RAM and data transfer limits. The basic dedicated server account starts at $74.99 per month and provides 4 GB RAM and 5 TB per month of data transfer. The mid priced package includes double the amount of RAM and monthly data transfer for $99.99 per month while the Premium service is $129.99 per month for 16 GB RAM and 15 TB of data transfer included.

These prices include all of the functionality that you need and this is the key to the cost effectiveness of BlueHost pricing. Compared to the cost of upgrading a standard package from their major competitors this service offers genuine value for money because of the unlimited features that are included as standard.