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Comparing the Shared Web Hosting from Bluehost vs. HostGator July 18, 2013 | 10:48 pm

Bluehost vs HostgatorWhen it comes to deciding on which web hosting company to use it is important to understand that there is usually more difference between their services than just the prices that they are charging. While some deals might look cheap, when you look more closely they are often offering a very restricted service with limited bandwidth for only a dollar or two less per month than other companies will charge to provide unlimited services. While obvious differences like this may make it easy to eliminate the less attractive deals, it is when the services are very similar that making a choice can be more difficult.

Two services that are offering almost the same levels of service across their product range are BlueHost and HostGator. Both are well established web host providers with a long history of reliable customer service and a high standard of technical reliability. In a BlueHost vs. HostGator match up they both offer services and pricing structures that are very similar with prices starting at $3.95 to $6.95 per month, which is very much at the lower end of the web hosting market. It is when you look at what you get for your $4 per month that the differences become apparent.

At BlueHost there is only a single standard rate for their unlimited shared hosting accounts. The usual cost of $6.95 per month is all inclusive and, by using one of the readily available discount coupon codes you can reduce your costs for the first year to $3.95 per month. While that discounted rate from BlueHost is the standard price for the cheapest package from HostGator, their level of service for that price is limited to one domain. It also only includes shared online security features like SSL and IP address that you need for a high traffic commercial site and when these are added on the cost rises to over $10 per month.

The management and administrative features provided by both of these web hosts is almost identical with both supplying cPanel and a template based website builder. They both provide the same ready to install list of scripts, e-mail autoresponders and anti-spam features. There are unlimited sub domains, MySQL databases and FTP accounts from both providers and they offer an equivalent level of bandwidth and transfer speeds.

In the end the only thing that really divides these services is the level of service that you get for the cost of the account. Even if you use a coupon code to cut your set up costs for a year on BlueHost, after that honeymoon period your web hosting will return to their standard $6.95 per month. At HostGator, their $3.95 Hatchling plan will still cost less than $50 per year, and is even less for the first sign-up period with a Hostgator coupon code. If you want to use the internet for business then the basic BlueHost deal offers you the flexibility to expand and add domains that HostGator doesn’t. If you just want to have a hobby blog then the low monthly price of the package from HostGator, even with its limitations, will probably provide the level of service that you are looking for.

Create Your Own Online Management Service with BlueHost Reseller Hosting July 2, 2013 | 10:48 pm

bluehost-reseller-hostingWebsite design is a booming business in cyberspace and providing clients with online presence management services has become a specialized niche in the IT industry. Most business people don’t have the skills or the time to develop and maintain their own corporate website and so there is a solid demand for outsourcing. This demand has resulted in a plethora of webhosting reseller packages being offered that allow web designers and internet marketing consultants to have complete control over their clients’ websites. If you are considering going into this lucrative IT niche you will want to find the best service possible. The BlueHost reseller hosting packages provide all of the flexibility and functionality that you need at a price that you can afford.

BlueHost provides three levels of service for their reseller hosting customers. They are priced according to the amount of data storage and transfer speed you will want to use. Obviously the more websites that you are managing the greater the bandwidth you will need to support their traffic and BlueHost can supply speeds of up to 35 Mbps with their premium package. This means that your clients’ websites will have the performance and reliability that they will expect and that you will be able to be confident that you can provide a high level of service. Their basic reseller package starts at 100 GB of storage space at 15 Mbps which is more than enough space to kick off a new web design company.

All BlueHost reseller accounts allow you to use unlimited domains and come with as many instances of cPanel as you want to use, allowing you to simply pass on your server space to other users to design and maintain their own websites via your hosting account. All of the other features like FTP accounts, MySQL databases and e-mail addresses are also unlimited so that you can provide a comprehensive web hosting service to your own clients. At the same time BlueHost provides a free billing system, private name servers and free spam protection to give you the ability to manage all of your client’s accounts effectively through the reseller control panel. There are more than 50 scripts included for every account as well as a template based website builder that you can supply with every resold account. Setting up new accounts for your clients is simple to do right through the administration control panel which also allows you to set any account limitations or include any extra features that you want to with only a few clicks.

There are three reseller plans; Sky Blue, Electric Blue and True Blue and standard prices begin at $19.95 per month and go up to $99.95 per month for their premium service. All new Bluehost accounts come with one year’s free registration for one domain as well as a generous $100 in AdWords credit to get you started on the marketing of your new online business. All of this value is backed up by BlueHost’s excellent in house tech service and support and comes with an anytime money back guarantee on the basic costs.