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Save Even More on Web Hosting With a 2014 BlueHost Coupon Code January 17, 2014 | 07:35 pm

The all inclusive web hosting services provided by BlueHost are already very affordable but by taking advantage of one of the BlueHost coupon code offers that are available through many of their online affiliates it is possible to reduce the cost even further. The standard shared hosting package from BlueHost starts at only $6.95 per month and include a host of features to make setting up and maintaining your website simple. There are no hidden costs involved and you can begin using your new web hosting account straight away. There are charges for some of the commercial add ons like SSL certificates but the cost of these can be largely offset by the discount on your first year of hosting from the company.

BlueHost offer all new customers a cut rate on establishing a new website with them right from the front page on their website. The usual price is regularly offered at a discount rate that is a couple of dollars cheaper than their standard rate for the first year. There is also an official BlueHost coupon code website where even greater savings can be found with reductions in the standard price taking the cost down to a very low $3.95 per month. This cost of just under $48 for the first year of your web hosting account with BlueHost is more than covered by the $100 in Google AdWords advertising credits that come as a regular part of every new account.

While there are no discount codes available for VPS, dedicated server or reseller packages the already competitive prices are slashed even further for the first month on new accounts. There is also always a range of discounts and special offers on the add-ons and extra features that you can use to reduce your initial set up costs. This will allow you to keep your costs down while you establish your website or get your online business up and running. In order to claim the discount from your coupon it is usually only necessary to click through from the website where you found the offer and the reduced rate should be automatically applied to your new account. Established accounts generally can’t claim any discounts on their ongoing services which makes taking advantage of them initially even more important.bluehost-coupon-code

While there are many web host providers that offer very low cost services, these are generally restricted to single domain and adding more will incur the cost of another shared hosting account. These cheap offers almost always restrict the bandwidth and provide only a limited amount of storage space. The unlimited shared hosting from BlueHost already provides much greater value for money than their competitors for this reason and with the reduced rate that it is possible to get on your first year by using one of BlueHost’s coupons the cost of using their unlimited service is even cheaper than many of the limited services that are available from their competitors. Just click on either of the links to claim the discount and get your BlueHost shared hosting account for only $3.95 per month for the first year.